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About Us

The Rosenbaum Law Group counsels clients in the video game, interactive entertainment, sports, motion picture, television, publishing, licensing and merchandising, and amusement industries.  Our clients are active participants in these industries and we counsels our clients on all aspects of their business enterprises, including negotiation and completion of business agreements, counseling on the management and protection of intellectual property rights and other matters relating to their business operations, mergers and acquisitions, and representation (through supervision of litigation co-counsel) in resolution of disputes.

Among our clients, we have represented and continue to represent leading developers and publishers of entertainment software and video and computer games. We have represented and continue to represent motion picture and television producers, directors and writers, illustrators, toy manufacturers, licensing agents and consultants and promotion agencies. We have negotiated agreements on behalf of our clients with the leading companies in the entertainment and amusement industries, including the leading video game hardware manufacturers and publishers, major film studios, television networks and production companies, professional sports leagues and book publishers.  As such, we have formed close working relationships with many of the leading companies in these industries. 

Doing business in the 21st century means doing business on a global scale, and the Rosenbaum Law Group is regularly called upon to represent clients in dealings with their business partners throughout the world.  We have represented and continue to represent companies based in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Finland, Israel, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand who have retained us to represent their interests in the United States as well as US-based companies which conduct business around the world.  To assist him in these matters, we have developed relationships with leading law firms around the world.

Our primary focus is on entertainment industry matters and we are regularly involved in transactions ranging from development, financing, publication and distribution of interactive entertainment properties and related technology licensing; mergers and acquisitions in the interactive industry; licensing and merchandising of brands, character, entertainment and sports properties; acquisition, production, marketing and distribution of live action and animated motion pictures and television productions; and comic book and book publishing and licensing.